Car dealership owners and managers have only in recent years discovered how vitally important having the topmost in IT security is to their business operations. Things like edge routers (or access routers) to filter out unauthorized access from the public address to private address level to robust firewalls and IT management all factor into higher auto dealership IT security standards.

If your auto dealership has lagged in IT consciousness because you’re maybe thinking, “What could cybercriminals want with us? We’re not a bank,” then think again.

The truth is, you do store sensitive financial data defined under personally-identifiable financial information (PIFI), and you can be considered as a PCI DSS and SOX covered entity or business associate, which poses a significant compliance risk should your network “data vault” or things like financial application records become infiltrated.

We Keep Car Dealership IT Security Risks at Bay

Lynchpin Consulting experts will assess, evaluate, and diagnose your current IT security situation, and make suggestions that include threat-preventative strategies designed to keep you free of any cyber and data breaches.

Our extremely effective cyber security methods dovetail with our holistic network and data security measures, which are designed to keep your server uptime to a maximum and threats to your data centers and network users to a minimum.

Since retailers are being hard-hit right now by all kinds of spam, malware, and even ransomware attacks, you need to be fully cognizant of the threat that exists to be able to eliminate it. And, since you’re taking care of your inherent business and shouldn’t be bothered with IT anomalies, we’ll handle the security optimization.

Plus, we’ll do it in the most cost-efficient manner possible, getting to the heart of the matter and remedying it without any unnecessary tech rollouts or upsells – just network reconfigurations and upgrades where and when necessary.

The rest is keeping the lines of communication between us and our customers, and having the most responsive help desk in Los Angeles.

What is Having Optimum IT Security Worth to You?

Your company IT network performance and security are worth having the best auto dealership IT security in Los Angeles you can get. Schedule a complimentary consultation with a friendly Lynchpin Consulting agent today by phone at 424.279.4449 or email us at to learn more.


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