Bringing maximum efficiency to your business is a key principle of good leadership, and our cloud-based solutions offer you significant benefits over on-premise solutions.

At Lynchpin Consulting, we actively look for ways to drive productivity within your business as well as opportunities for collaboration – and our cloud services offer both. Our strong partnerships with Microsoft, Cloud Nation and NetDocuments provide us with a deep understanding of popular cloud offerings, and quick insight into changes that are coming on the horizon.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft is now one of the top two players in the cloud-based software market, and Office 365 is a big reason for that ranking. As more offices transition to the cloud, Office 365 is the tool of choice that offers the familiar interface that users are comfortable with as well as the ease of administration that technology leaders appreciate. Featuring the full Office suite of productivity tools, Office 365 provides seat-license access to a user for up to 5 personal computers plus mobile and tablet access to boot – making it a good fit for the reality of today’s highly-mobile workers.

Need additional storage space? Depending on your monthly access level, OneDrive is part of the Microsoft Office 365 platform and various amounts of digital storage are included.

Cloud Nation

Our partnership with Cloud Nation allows us to offer hosted virtual desktops for businesses of all sizes. Cloud Nation is an excellent choice for a secure and industry-compliant offering that allows you to get all of your Windows applications on iPad, PC thin clients and Android platforms. Cloud Nation’s premiere offering, vDesktop, lets you access even your secure Intranet or internal programs remotely via SSO.

Need remote server access? Get it quickly with vServer, which includes a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide exceptional uptime SLAs of 99.95%. Cloud Nation also offers worldwide access to your data with minimal latency, multiple redundancies and what it calls “bulletproof security”. Unlimited server storage capacity is the icing on the cake for their cloud-based offering.


Teams need to share documents both internally and with external customers and clients on a regular basis, and that means you need a document management solution. NetDocuments is an industry leader in paperless office and mobile technology that works seamlessly regardless of the type of file and where in the world your customers are located. Small- to medium-sized businesses can reduce overall document storage costs, improve productivity and aid disaster recovery with quick and convenient access to the documents and information that matters.

These are only a few examples of our cloud-based solutions – we work closely with all industry leaders in these spaces. Let our friendly and professional consultants work with your team to determine which solutions will work for your organization.

Is your business ready to make the transition to the cloud? Let Lynchpin Consulting help you find the solution that fits your needs. Reach out to us at or (424) 327-4449 . We’re the IT support experts local businesses trust.


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