We offer proactive management and maintenance of your cyber security systems to keep you safe – and to quickly return from an attack should one sneak through.

Leading enterprise brands have been the recent victims of cyber security attacks, and these digital assaults are expected to continue and grow in the future to become even more sophisticated and clandestine. New types of attacks are continuing to emerge, and one of the hottest targets are the aging Internet infrastructures of organizations. Hacks of non-traditional payment systems such as mobile payments are hot prospects, with Google Wallet, Apple Pay and others expected to be a target in the near future.

Proactive Monitoring

There is no rest from cyber security issues, and our systems are formulated to see the harbingers of an attack and take action before it can take hold. We proactively monitor your email, Internet activity and systems for dangerous activity and provide you with the alerts that you need to manage the risk. Our antivirus software is a serious deterrent, and we keep our virus definitions meticulously up to date for your protection. Part of our managed services package, our security reviews make sure your organization has the highest quality hardware and software firewalls available to protect against malware and cyber attacks. While we do not currently offer ethical hacking – or penetration testing – we can work with you closely to define your needs in this direction.

Encrypted and Secure Email

Many threats to your organization actually come in through email, and with 99% of our clients on Office 365 we feel comfortable with the high level of encryption that our clients are receiving as part of that package. Want to utilize another productivity suite? No problem – we can recommend several options that will protect your vulnerable email systems. Our technicians are able to assist in fine-tuning your Office 365 implementation to optimize email encryption without negatively impacting user experience.

Wifi Equipment and Management

Whether you’re offering WiFi for your employees or for customers, you need to protect this vulnerable endpoint from infiltration. Our selected wireless products include highly secure indoor and outdoor access points, all of which are based on smart WiFi technology. Provide fast and reliable wireless connections with intuitive, controlled and scalable solutions.

Lynchpin Consultants can help you identify the correct setup for your business needs, provide details on implementation and then manage your overall WiFi presence once implementation is complete. Employees are actively engaging in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), and these unprotected mobile phones and tablets can be a serious danger to your network environment without proper protection of your larger WiFi system and network.

The first step towards protecting your business from cyber crime is partnering with the right IT provider. Reach out to us today at info@lpconcierge.com or (424) 327-4449 to find out more about the range of comprehensive IT security solutions we offer to keep businesses just like yours safe from cyber threats. We’re the trusted IT experts for businesses in Los Angeles.


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