We call this portion of our business Managed IT Services, but you will call it the ultimate peace of mind.

If your operations or technology staff are spending a great deal of time keeping up with software license information, applying patches to servers, and keeping workstations up-to-date, then this is definitely the service for you! We leverage our team to keep your systems in tip-top shape, working through active and passive remote monitoring and maintenance to ensure that all your technology services needs are met quickly and efficiently.

Ultimate Peace of Mind

If you’re currently managing your IT services in-house, you likely have your technology vendor of choice on speed-dial, and are constantly receiving a bill with nickel-and-dime pricing that is difficult to verify (and justify!). At Lynchpin Consulting, we know that you have better things to do than apply patches to your software and servers, and we offer you unlimited monthly support for all your day-to-day IT management and maintenance needs with our full-service package. This could include everything from:

  • Anti-virus definition updates
  • Basic software updates
  • Server patch application
  • Active and passive monitoring
  • Fixes when something breaks

Exceptional Service Levels

When we say that we’ll go above and beyond for our customers – believe it – this is not just an empty promise. We are completely dedicated to ensuring that your business succeeds on every level, and our SMEs will work closely with your team to ensure that any challenges are overcome quickly and are truly fixed, and not just with a quick-fix application that will break again in the future.

Getting Back to Business

What will your team accomplish with the extra hours that they have available each day, and each week? Will you be able to launch that new product or service that you’ve been dreaming up, or maybe brush up on the training you’ve been putting off for months? At Lynchpin Consulting, we want to offer you the space to get back to business. Time to be strategic and determine the flow that will help you be the most competitive business that you can be both now and in the future.

Collaborative Communication

We are firm believers in exceptional collaboration, and will work actively with your team to assure the buy-in that one of the most important aspects of your business – your technology and infrastructure – are managed accurately and competently, whether we’re accessing your systems remotely or coming onsite. We excel at providing you with friendly, fun-loving and over-the-top service that will delight you and make you think.

At Lynchpin Consulting, we’re not looking for a long line of new clients; instead, we want to create relationships where we can be a partner and focus on helping you and providing the deliverables that your business needs to flourish. We believe that technology is a differentiator, and we’re happiest when we’re helping your business grow and thrive.

Is your business ready for proactive, collaborative, and comprehensive IT support? Reach out to us today at info@lpconcierge.com or (424) 327-4449 . We’re the IT experts local businesses trust.


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