Understanding the value that technology can bring to your organization is the first step towards having a competitive advantage.

Savvy business leaders know that the proper application of business technology can make the difference between a fully-optimized process and one that is mired in administrative overhead and duplication. At Lynchpin Consulting, we review business processes first and are firm believers that technology solutions will only go so far when they are stacked on top of unworkable processes. If you agree – you sound like our ideal client!

Productivity Experts

What makes Lynchpin Consulting unique? We understand that a productive working relationship is based on open communication and mutual accountability – and that organizations with a learning culture are great partners.

To that end, we offer something that is virtually guaranteed to boost your company’s productivity: we send one of our technicians or managers to your site once a month to spend half of a day with one of your employees to help optimize the way that they work.

This ongoing focus on process improvement allows your team to bring up challenges on an ongoing basis so we can work together to find resolutions. Your Lynchpin Consulting professional will spend the day taking notes on workflow, asking difficult questions, and looking for inefficiencies on the micro and macro levels. We then bring that knowledge back with solid recommendations for productivity gains – which may or may not be tied to a specific technology spend.

Ready to Outsource

Technology questions can take up a huge portion of each day, and pull the focus of your teams away from revenue-generating activities. However, outsourcing your IT services may feel as though you’re losing control – something that is rarely comfortable for leadership. Our ideal client understands that they have core competencies, and that IT services such as server hosting, software implementations and cloud-based storage may not be directly in their wheelhouse. Our clients understand that technology is a specialized field of study and that it requires extensive experience and intense focus to stay on top of changes. They trust us, and know that we’re always going to make recommendations based on their best interests – and not our own.

Long-Term Relationships

We are not looking for a revolving door of clients, but want to form long-term relationships where we can dig in and truly add value to your business. If you’re interested in attaining or retaining a spot at the top of your respective industry, then you are our ideal client. You know that technology fuels innovation – and that innovation will eventually drive revenue. We will provide you with a consistent, predictable and friendly partnership that you can count on – both now and in the future.

Has your business been searching for an experienced and collaborative IT support partner that is every bit as invested in your business’ growth and success as you are? Reach out to us at info@lpconcierge.com or (424) 327-4449 .We’re the IT experts LA and OC businesses trust.


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