When it comes to your technology services vendor, you have a lot of choices.

Why would you want to choose Lynchpin Consulting? We think there are a lot of great reasons, such as our superior customer service, our personal touch and the fact that we send one of our technicians or managers to your site for half a day each month – just to sit down with your team and see how we can optimize your productivity. There are other companies out there that can handle patching a server, setting up a new WiFi router or creating a backup service. Are most IT service providers willing to invest time, effort and talent in your business by sending someone onsite “just” to help maximize your productivity? Probably not, but we are.

Putting the “IT ” in Productiv”IT”y

Our focus is first and foremost on productivity, with technology being the fuel that can drive explosive business growth. While other outsourced IT services providers could provide you with help desk support and manage your network effectively, doesn’t it make sense to work with a partner who wants to give you more? At Lynchpin Consulting, we don’t look at all clients through a cookie-cutter lens; instead, we look for similarities and where we can leverage our learning from the hundreds of other technology and business projects that we’ve encountered over the years.

Onsite Reviews

You may struggle trying to get other IT services organizations to break free from the “remote monitoring” mold and visit you onsite, but that’s not going to be a problem with Lynchpin. Our technicians and managers know that by first providing you with the support and insight that you need from a process perspective, that any technology solution that we recommend will be that much more effective. Spending time with different team members each month provides us with a holistic view of your business over time, and offers a way to create true value through process improvement.

Always Adding Value

On our monthly visit, we may not always uncover something earth-shattering, but we take just as much pleasure in the small wins. We are perfectly happy to offer your team members simple productivity enhancements such as a new keyboard shortcut that will replace multiple clicks and strokes or tips and tricks to make Outlook more efficient and user-friendly. We always do our best to have something new and powerful to bring to the table.

Increasing Your Bottom Line

Our ultimate goal is to support your business on the road to growth and success, and when our technicians are able to sit with your team member for 4 hours per month – asking questions and seeking feedback – then the recommendations that we make are much more valuable to you as a leader. Pass along our recommendations to revamp the way entire departments do their job, and leverage the knowledge we provide to make a true difference in your organization in the place it matters most – your bottom line.

You didn’t get to where you are today by settling for the status quo. Your business deserves an IT support team that is just as invested in your success as you are. Contact us today at info@lpconcierge.com or (424) 327-4449 . We’re the IT experts LA and OC businesses trust.


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